Alpha Beauty Pie: Sample Seduction

samplesOne of my favourite parts about shopping for beauty products, is often the free samples that come along with a purchase.  Some of my go-to staples today, started off as a brief love-affair with a tiny sample-sized taste of a lip gloss or cream, that was just enough to leave me craving to have the full-sized version tucked away inside my purse.  Samples can be an exciting and guilt-free opportunity to experiment with new products, without having to dish out the cash or long-term commitment (and too often, regret).  Sometimes, accidentally stumbling onto a product you love, can feel like finding a diamond in the rough… and since diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend, here are some Beauty-Pie-approved samples that just happened to seduce our hearts:

lipsYves St. Laurent – Volupte Tint-In Oil (Peach Me Love) – It’s not a lipstick, and it’s not a gloss, but it does make your lips look full and fantastic.  This lightly tinted oil soaks into your lips providing nourishment and shine, and a subtle pop of pretty colour.  Added bonus: It’s not sticky or messy.

Boscia B.B. Cream Light – Ever since the whole BB trend started, I’ve been kinda curious about the hype, so naturally, I was pumped when this sample showed up on my doorstep.  I’ll admit, I’ve never been a fan of foundations and concealers, since they suffocate my skin and usually cause me to break out.  Unless I’m going out-out (to an event, girls night out, or it’s date night), I tend to keep things au-naturel.  This super light, oil-free BB cream works much like a foundation or powder, creating a soft and even tone, but without clogging up all your pores.  It spreads on silky smooth, moisturizes, leaves a subtle sparkly glow, and it still lets my freckles shine through.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask – Masks can get messy, and hard, and uncomfortable, and sometimes they even sting, but this one I loved.  After you apply an opaque layer (avoiding your eyes, mouth and hair), it dries in about 25 minutes, when you will notice it starting to lift right off your skin around the edges.  Gently (and slowly) peel the entire thing off, and you can actually feel the gunk and dead skin peeling off with it, leaving a brighter, cleaner complexion!

Benefit-Watt’s-UpBenefit – Watt’s Up Highlighter – For those of us who don’t know the first thing about contouring (or makeup artistry in general), this little magic-wand might just change your life.  With a quick stroke here and a little smudge there, you can have shimmery red-carpet-ready highlights in all the right places, without testing your patience.  Light me up!

Nails Inc. – Caviar Top Coat – This one’s pretty straight forward, it’s just a standard polish top coat (nothing crazy there), but the tint is a warm inviting coral colour, and it’s very flattering on bare nails (when you don’t have time for a full mani).

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum – I wasn’t always been a believer when it came to serums, but this little sample set me straight.  Like a thirst quencher for your face, one drop of this organic fountain-of-youth formula will keep your skin smiling all day (and it smells fresh too).  Use it before (or instead of) your daily moisturizer.

Bumble and Bumble Volumizer Spray – It’s currently winter here in Toronto, and the dry air has my hair constantly looking like serious case of hat-head (even though I haven’t worn a hat).  A quick spritz of this stuff helps put a bit of the oomph back into my locks, without leaving that crunchy-hairspray feeling (and without the aerosol).

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