Alpha BEAUTY Pie!

Here at Alpha Beta Pie, we understand the importance of looking and feeling our best. Although us Alphas are (if we do say so ourselves) blessed with decent genes, we definitely have a few beauty secrets to help us out. And, what kind of girlfriends would we be if we didn’t share them with you? Here are some of our favourite beauty essentials. Enjoy!


Elizabeth Arden Plump Perfect Ceramide:
This liquid face makeup has been a staple of ours for the past seven years and is a lifting and firming makeup with an SPF 15. It is silky and smooth to apply and is the least “cakiest” face makeup we’ve encountered. To achieve a dewy glow, we mix the makeup with a dab of Vaseline or Bio Oil on our hands and smother it over our face like sunscreen.

• La Roche Posay Active C:
Dermatologists will tell you that the best thing for your face in terms of anti-aging (well, aside from surgery, lasers and Botox) is pure vitamin C. Although slightly pricey for the quantity you receive, we love this product post-bedtime exfoliating. Oh, and it smells like Florida oranges.

• Kiehl’s Over-Night Biological Peel
Trust us, when you wake up in the morning after this peel, you will look like you just emerged from the spa. This uber intense (but not overly invasive) peel. You will feel renewed, rejuvenated, softer and more vibrant.


• Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner
We have been Aveda junkies for a good decade, but this is our most favourite product for our naturally curly and often frizzy hair. The shampoo and conditioner have the same affect as an anti frizz, leave in conditioner and volumizing product all in one and leaves our hair smooth and effortlessly manageable.

• Goody Spin Pin
As women who have relied on hair elastics on our wrists like a loyal friend for years, we have to say that the Spin Pin is our BFF for life. With one simple twist, the spin pin does the work of 15 bobby pins to create either a polished business-looking bun or a messier, romantic version for when the sun goes down. The best part? When you take it out, you are left with long, flowing locks, minus the annoying kink of a hair elastic.

• Biolace Matrix Smoothing Shine Milk
On those especially humid or rainy days, this shine milk is a favourite for fly aways and to give us that extra glossy shine. Our only problem with this product is it leaves floors extremely slippery, as we discovered the hard way, so be strategic and careful when you spray!


• Body Shop Peppermint Foot Spray
We always like to think we have feet that smell like roses, but if there is something we learned from our waitress days on a busy patio it is that sometimes, in certain shoes, we could use a little refreshing spray-even if only to remove the smell of new leather from our precious feet.

• OPI Got the Blues for Red nail polish
We tend to wear a lot of black in the winter months, so we usually opt for a deep or bright red nail colour to add that extra pop of colour to a LBD. OPI has been our nail polish brand of choice and Got the Blues for Red is a staple November-March.

• L’Occitane Shea Butter
Although a little pricier than your typical drug store brand, this body butter is definitely worth the extra cash spent. It provides a much-needed powerful moisturizer for your elbows, knees and hands especially in the winter months.


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