The Pie Life

Alpha Beta PieAlpha Beta Pie is a lifestyle platform that plays on the traditional sorority stereotype.  Dedicated to everyone just too badass for the pledge class.  Because we don’t all fit in all the time.  Some of us didn’t go to college, some of us did things our parents didn’t approve of (like getting knocked up by a gangsta – oy vey), and some of us are just allergic to basic mean-girl shit.  So we started a movement for all the people who just don’t give a fuck (excuse our French) – and yes, we can say that, because did we mention we’re Canadian?! 
Gin and Jewlz are two dope chicks raised on opposite ends of the six, destined to probably never cross paths, until one faithful day, their stars aligned (or at least that’s what their astrologer says).  Jewlz was already creating videos and founded Alpha Beta Pie, and soon realized that Gin was the missing piece of… you know what.  Together they host a variety web series, The Juice with Gin & Jewlz, creating music video parodies, sketches, and candid discussions.
Gin N Jewlz