The Pie Life

Alpha Beta Pie is a lifestyle platform that plays on the traditional sorority stereotype.  Dedicated to everyone just too badass for the pledge class.  Because we don’t all fit in all the time.  Some of us didn’t go to college, some of us did things our parents didn’t approve of (like getting knocked up by a gangsta – oy vey), and some of us are just allergic to basic mean-girl shit.  So we started a movement for all the women who just don’t give a fuck (excuse our french) – and yes, we can say that, because did we mention we’re Canadian?!  Together we host a variety web series, creating music video parodies, sketches, and candid discussions… so join us for a slice of the Pie life!

My name is Julia Bailey Fenton (but you can call me Jewlz) and I founded Alpha Beta Pie.  I’m also a lefty, a moonchild, and a proud mommy of two boys.  After doing my undergrad degree in psychology, art history, and cinema studies at the University of Toronto, I drove off into the sunset to study filmmaking at USC in Los Angeles.  I’ve since collaborated on a diverse range of projects, from marketing local businesses, to directing music videos for international recording artists, to web design and digital content creation.  I have over a decade of experience as a brand ambassador, and I’ve appeared in print, broadcast and online, for notable brands such as Fisher Price, The Bay, and Club Monaco.

Alpha Beta Pie

Born and raised in Toronto, Ginevra Fenton-Carluccio is the newest addition to the Alpha Beta Pie girl gang.  Also known as ‘Gin’ she is a self-love advocate, semi-professional Euchre player and self-proclaimed Bruja. Technically speaking, her career choices don’t exactly scream “blogger material” (I mean, how many other women can you say are a railway conductor turned insurance broker), but her love-filled truth bombs, soul soothing advice and belly-clutching, knee-slapping humour makes her the perfect addition to our team.  And ever since I married her cousin, I’ve basically been stuck with her.  So naturally, we had no choice but to launch our comedic video series on Youtube called The Juice with Gin & Jewlz (family antics included).

Alpha Beta PieMany moons ago, I met my amazing and uber talented friend, Erin Nicole Davis, when we joined the same sorority at U of T (and we may have played hooky together at least a few times). Erin then went on to obtain her post-graduate certificate in public relations from Humber College.  By day, she’s a freelance journalist, actress, and avid daydreamer, and by night she’s gracing the red carpet covering many of Toronto’s most coveted events.

Alpha Beta Pie