A Model’s Confession..

Today I had another fantastic photo shoot. Not to brag, but I know that I am extremely fortunate to have worked with the amazing talent that I have. One thing that I have discovered throughout my experience as a model is that no one is perfect. Every model, photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist etc has had to start somewhere – everyone is always learning. That’s the whole point of building a portfolio from my point of view. Even Coco Rocha and Tyra Banks had to start somewhere!

What I really wanted to share with you today is that being a model is not always glamorous. Stereotypically people assume that we make a lot of money, eat nothing and know almost everything there is to know about fashion. Well, while I`m putting all of these negative views to rest, I should also throw out there that fashion television is not one of our favourite television shows either! (But it does suck that it was cancelled!).

The reality of the modeling industry is that it is HARSH. I am a full time student at McMaster University, have a part time job at a bar, and when I`m not spending time with friends or updating my social media accounts I try to make this “hobby” of mine a career. If I want to be successful, I have to drop 15 lbs – end of story. If you want to be a model in general, you must be at least 5`8 and have hips no more than 36″ as well as a dress size 4 or below. This is considered “agency standard”. I`m not a size 4, BUT I`m okay with this. As far as making money goes, most of the jobs I take on are unpaid. Many of my friends who have travelled and are with agencies have a difficult time securing paid opportunities too. One of my friends recently returned from France to a part time serving job here in Ontario. HOWEVER…

I still believe that if you truly put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. This is why I love the social networking site Model Mayhem. A lot of opportunities have come to me through this website, and I encourage all you model hopefuls to check it out. There are almost never opportunities to cross the border, but you are able to experience a taste of what it is like to be a model without the pressure of the industry and its agency standards.

I often receive emails and inboxes requesting information as to how I got into modeling. I cannot answer all of them individually, but have made this video in the past to help those who have questions.
This is just a brief synopsis of what I have experienced. Everyone tackles things differently, right?

Kelsey Belle


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