A Few Alpha Announcements…. #PieLife

The past few months have been a complete whirlwind here at Alpha Beta Pie as we prep for our official Toronto and Miami launches. Last month, we were handed the keys to a place where all the magic happens- our new Alpha Beta Pie HQ, office and studio space in Toronto.  We are thrilled to have a place that functions as a fully equip studio space for Alpha Beta Pie TV and Alpha TV as well as an office space for all the behind-the-scenes work that keeps us going round-the-clock.

In Toronto, the first round of auditions went brilliantly well and we are pleased to say that we already have an amazing network of driven, hard working and engaging women signed as the first generation of Alpha Beta Pies.  We know for certain that these are the type of young women that our clients are going to want to hire again and again. Meanwhile, Big Apple Pie, Dr. Laurie ND continues to make moves in NYC, one patient at a time. HunnyB Melissa has arrived in Miami to scope out the scene and is putting the finishing touches on what promises to be one of the catchiest songs you’ve heard in a long time- the Alpha Beta Pie anthem.  We have been singing it repeatedly all weekend….despite our respective boyfriend’s/lover’s and husband’s request that we stop lol.

As the studio gets a facelift—with brand new windows and Alpha Beta Pie-inspired furniture—we are working away to edit the first episode of what will be our reality web-series. The raw footage is hilarious and really captures the whole process of creating Alpha Beta Pie. We are also pounding the pavement at our sister company, Alpha Plus PR and have just solidified an exciting lineup of clients for the New Year. It may be time to take on an intern in the near future!

Stay tuned for exciting new developments and the official Alpha Beta Pie teaser, to be released in a matter of weeks! In the meantime, check these pics for an idea of what you can expect from us here at Alpha Beta Pie.



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