A BJ A Day Keeps The Side Chicks Away

heart.BJsOk, so maybe we didn’t mean a BJ a day that literally, but we got your attention right?  So let’s just get into it then … If you want to keep your man’s attention, then you must stay on top of his needs.  It’s that simple.  Us ladies certainly love to be spoiled, pampered, and surprised, so why wouldn’t or shouldn’t he?  The same way you crave for his affection, he needs his ‘ego’ stroked from time-to-time, and taking matters into your own hands with a little TLC, wink wink, can go a long way.  But more importantly, if you don’t, there is always some other chick who will, and she’s on Facebook chat right now just a click away.  So take charge every once in a while, and remind your man who takes care of him, by making him feel like a king.  Men like to think they’re in charge, and even if it wasn’t his idea, a good ol’ BJ will give him that sense of domination and control (even if it’s just temporary).  Not to mention, generosity is the key to being a good lover.  So, if you want to keep those pesky side chicks away, remember what your mama always told you… and never send your man away hungry!

Still not convinced?  Check out this hilarious clip from comedian Kat Williams… we think he summed it up pretty well.  But beware; this video contains profanity and adult language, so only watch it if you have a healthy sense of humour!

Betty Pie


  1. I completely disagree with this sadly. My OH is quite happy with a general cuddle and knows I love him to bits and likewise. He won’t go anywhere near another woman for affection because he just isn’t like that at all. I agree you need to give your OH love and remind them that they are loved but they don’t need sex to remind them and I’m pretty sure any decent man won’t go seeking anywhere else for someone to sort their needs if you’re not doing it, they would sit and talk with you if they had any decency.

  2. A cuddle instead of a hummer??? Sit and talk it out??? You’re funny, Adelaide. 🙂

    Now, I don’t know about Canadian men as a whole, as I’m technically an American man. But the few Canadian and European men I DO know operate in a similar fashion: loyal or not, we’re sexual beings. And until you feel testosterone course through YOUR veins, until you feel that sheer primal urge simmer inside YOU, and until YOU experience the epic power of a male orgasm…

    You best not speak up on such matters.

    My guess is that if the bombshell that wrote this article approached your man in, say, a coat check room at a public event, and you were nowhere to be found, and the bombshell dropped to her knees…

    He’d relish every luscious second of the experience.

    And, amid his “decency”, he might even offer to reciprocate the gesture and dial her up, too.

    But best of luck with the unicorns and pixie dust. 🙂

    • Remember ladies and gentlemen “Happy chicks suck dick” If my man is treats me right and he creates a space for me to trust, feel safe, loved and appreciated . He can get it, anytime anywhere, day or night no question. I have no problem allowing him to lead, or making him the king of my world. If I’m not happy in the relationship… Top shop is closed. We have the right to refuse service . Lol

  3. Get serious… BJ trumps a Cuddle hands down… but the Cuddles are nice…

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