3 Candied Cocktails to Heat Up Your Holidays 

Winter holidays go hand-in-hand with entertaining, so we are always on the look-out for great recipe ideas to spice up the season.  Sure, you will probably enjoy your fair share of eggnog, vino, and bubbly… so we put together 3 alternative recipes for candied cocktails that are guaranteed to keep you warm and satisfy your sweet-tooth.  Want to add a little extra holiday flare to your party?  Check out the customized cups, tumblers, and festive drinkware on Swoozies…  Please consume responsibly!

cocoa-stirrer_8-tasty-uses-for-candy-canesHot Cocoa Candy Cane

Dessert is optional with this mouth-watering treat on the menu:

-Hot Chocolate (1 cup)

-Peppermint Schnapps (3/4 oz)

-Bailey’s Irish Cream (3/4 oz)

-Top with mini marshmallows

-Garnish with Candy Cane


allParenting-jamaican-coffeeCaribbean Coffee

Transport yourself to the tropics with this rich & spicy after-dinner drink:

-Fresh Brewed Coffee (1 cup)

-Brown Sugar (1 Tsp)

-Kahlua (3/4 oz)

-Dark Spiced Rum (3/4 oz)

-Garnish with Whipped Cream and Sprinkled Nutmeg


Tonic Toddy

If a traditional toddy and a GT had a baby, it would taste something like this:

-Hot Water (1 cup)

-Honey (tbsp)

-Tanqueray Gin (1 oz)

-Splash of Tonic

-Fresh Squeezed Lemon (to taste)

-Garnish with Cinnamon stick

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