13 Signs You’re a Girl’s Girl

There’s a certain breed of female known as a girl’s girl. A girl’s girl genuinely loves the company of other women. She has a million girlfriends and lives for her ladies’ nights and girls’ trips. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Here are 13 signs you’re a girl’s girl.


13 Signs You’re a Girl’s Girl

Some women are innately catty when it comes to fellow females.

Sad, yet true.

Then there’s the other breed of female, affectionately known as “girl’s girls.” They genuinely thrive on the energy of other females and other ladies like to be around them as well.

Here are 13 signs you’re a girl’s girl…


  1. You’ve Been a Bridesmaid More Times than You Can Count on One Hand

And either had or will have a major problem in the bridesmaid department yourself when it comes to narrowing down the contenders. Hmmm…maybe you’ll just have to elope.


  1. You Would Go Crazy Without Your Annual Girls Trips and Weekends

You practically live for your weekends up north with the ladies, along with your annual girls’ trip down south. As a matter of fact, you always will, even when you’re all toasting your 75th birthdays aboard an Alaskan cruise.


  1. Your Future Kid is Going to Have a lot of “Aunties”

And you know this because you’ve already become an “auntie” to a handful of kids despite your actual siblings not having any yet.


  1. You Don’t Get those Girls Who Are Girly But Only Friends with Guys

And you secretly think there must be something wrong with them. That said, you still attempt to make small talk when your paths cross – there’s always an excuse for a little female-to-female banter after all.


  1. Even if you’re in a Relationship, Your Insta is Filled With Shots of Your Girls

That’s because you wouldn’t give up those wild girls nights out or fancy brunches with the ladies for anyone. And documenting it is half the fun – you all look super cute, after all, and you wouldn’t want to waste your outfits.


  1. You Would Never, Ever Even Consider Dating a Girlfriend’s Ex

In fact, you wouldn’t even joke about it.


  1. You Have a Nickname for Most of Your Girls

And it’s likely the product of a silly girls’ trip, wild night out, or childhood inside joke. Either that, or it’s simply the short form of her name (that only people who know her well are really allowed to call her).


  1. The Bachelorette is Pretty Much as Important as the Wedding

Obviously. What could be better than all of your nearest and dearest girlfriends in one place, flowing champagne, racy games, and no shortage of reminiscing? Oh yeah – making an entire weekend out of it in Miami, Vegas, or Bahamas.


  1. You Still Have Slumber Parties With the Girls

And yes, you still banter about guys, celeb crushes, and fashion the way you did in junior high, popcorn in hand, facemask on, and Now and Then playing in the background.


  1. You Have a Perpetual Email Chain or What’s App Group Chat with the Ladies

And why wouldn’t you? It’s the easiest and most convenient way to fill your entire group in on every happening in your life at once, complete with photo and video documentation (the good, bad, and ugly).


  1. You’re Friends With your Girlfriends’ Moms

You’ve become practically as close with your girlfriends moms as you are with them, thanks to marriage celebrations, 30th birthday bashes and Sunday ladies’ brunches you’ve both been a part of. In fact, your mom’s even friends with their moms now.


  1. You Were in a Sorority

And you’re not ashamed to admit it. In fact, if you have enough glasses of wine, singing your sorority songs with the ladies is a favourite pastime. It probably always will be.


  1. Reading this Made You Miss Your Ladies

Even though you all had a marathon group chat last night.


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