13 Legitimate Complaints Every Female Has About Winter

-1Judging from recent conversations, it seems that most ladies share a similar set of complaints when it comes to the Canadian winter.

It can be annoying.

And no, we’re not used to it after all these years – and may never be.

Here are 13 legitimate complaints every female has about winter:

1. The Only thing I Save Money on is my Pedicure Bill

Between winter coats, boots and cab rides, winter is damn expensive. In fact, the only thing you don’t spend as much money on is your pedicure bill. Seriously, it would be so much cheaper to look good if you lived somewhere warm.

2. Speaking of a Pedicure, I Can’t Go to Hot Yoga Because My Feet are Gnarly

We’ve been there; we feel restless and bloated and are dying to sweat it out with a good hot yoga class, but seriously – you can’t even look at your feet in the shower for much longer, let alone show them in public. So you go to the cheap nail place instead. And get pizza on the way home.

3. What Did I Even Wear Last Winter?

When it comes to your wardrobe, you have more in terms of options in the warmer months – that’s a given. But it seems most females have the same problem come winter: you shake your heads in disbelief, in front of your closet, wondering what you possibly even wore last winter. Because you sure as hell don’t have anything to wear this year…

4. Could Pantyhose be Any More Uncomfortable?

Most females breathe a collective sigh of relief when legs are set free from the confines of super uncomfortable tights come spring when bare legs become practical again. If you can even get them on without ripping them, there’s just nothing natural feeling about pantyhose – no matter how well they shape your lower abs.

5. Why Does the Cute Toque Have to Mess Up My Hair So Much?

As cute as winter toques can be for a classic “Canadian girl” look, you know as well as we do that your hair will take a hit if you wear one. That’s why it’s a common debate during the winter months whether the cost of your hair (and the blowout) is worth the look of the toque (and cute pic of you in it, of course).

6. These Shoes Aren’t Good On Ice

Certain heels just don’t belong on ice. Period. That’s why when you wear them out in the winter, you always suggest taking a cab and get mad at your friends for making you walk (as you pray you don’t bail).

7. I Hate Wearing Boots and Carrying Stilettos

Of course, you could avoid the whole issue if you wore your big winter boots to the event and carried your shoes. But that just sucks all around and totally kills your whole “arrival” look. Plus, you really don’t want to have to retrieve your boots from yet another venue tomorrow morning because you had so much fun you forgot about them on the way out.

8. Am I that Pasty in Real Life?

Because your sure look like you haven’t seen the light of day for months in your friend’s Instagram post. A look back at your own Instagram posts from the summer confirms this. Okay, now you need to book a vacation you probably can’t afford.

9. I’m so Sick of My Winter Jacket

By March, you’re just so sick of each and every winter coat and jacket you own that you wouldn’t care if you never saw them again (until November, when you complain you have nothing to wear). So we bust the leather out early and then complain we’re cold.

8. Is it Really Worth Leaving the Couch For?

Because really, your sweatpants, Netflix and Swiss Chalet delivery sounds a lot more enticing than venturing out in a snowstorm and trying to somehow magically make an appropriate outfit work for that mission.

9. Why Am I So Chubby?

It’s easy to stray from that diet you were so good about back in the summer when you can hide “problem areas” that have recently become more of a problem with winter clothing. That’s why.

10. Could My Hair Possibly Be Filled With Any More Static?

Hopefully not, because you already look like enough of a hot mess because the snow made your mascara run on the way over.

11. I Would Be More Inclined to Get Out of Bed if the Toilet Seat Wasn’t So Cold
If only your boss understood that it was a totally legitimate excuse to be late for work.


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