10 Reasons Why You Should Never Judge A Stripper

neon.heelsAt alpha beta pie we support and encourage women’s empowerment across the board… even up and down the pole.  But it seems there are a lot of negative misconceptions floating around that portray exotic dancers as somehow misguided.  Sure, not all women are created with equal opportunities, but the ignorant stereotypes have got to go.  So, to set the record straight for all our misunderstood twerking gals, here are 10 reasons why you should never judge a stripper:

1. She might be making more money than you.
Despite what you think, the average exotic dancer takes home a nice chunk of dough.  The smart one’s (who budget and don’t spend it too frivolously) can earn in the 6 figures.  And don’t forget this is a cash business, meaning strippers pay less taxes.  Much like wait-staff, most claim only about 10% of their actual earnings, since there’s no way to track what they’re really raking in.

2. She’s also more confident and secure.
Think about it, she goes on stage 5 nights a week in her birthday suit, and shakes what her mama gave her to captivate the crowd, who can’t wait to shower her in, well, money.  Just ask yourself… could you do that?  If she’s going to convince the customers that she’s worth their time (and mullah), she’s gotta believe it herself.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is confident and secure.

3. She’s in great shape.
If you’ve never taken a pole dancing class, it’s an intense cardio and strength-building workout that will challenge every inch of your body.  The average dancer hits the stage for 2-3 songs, a few times per shift.  If you do the math, that’s at least 30 minutes of pole-dancing a day, and then add god-knows how many lap dances (which is something like a songs-length worth of squatting each).  No wonder her ass is so fine.

4. Her Job is flexible.  Exotic dancers aren’t tied down with contracts or regimented schedules.  Most clubs (at least in North-America) have a flat house fee (like a cover charge) that the girl pays when she arrives for her shift, but she can literally show up on any day at any time, and stay for as long as she likes.  She can take days off or vacation time when it suits her, in fact, many strippers enjoy the freedom of traveling all over the country and working where-ever they go.  So while you’re busy disapproving, she’s somewhere working on her base-tan.

5. You don’t know her reasons.  Don’t make any assumptions about why she’s doing it, and don’t pity her either.  Despite the stereotypes that ‘she had a screwed up childhood’ or ‘she was abused’ or ‘she’s a whore’, many strippers, believe it or not, are very intelligent entrepreneurial women who are paying their way through graduate school, supporting their family, or paying off a mortgage.  Additionally, many maintain loving, healthy relationships with partners who fully support their hustle.  Speaking of which…

6. All men are tricks… Even your dad and your baby brother.  Sorry, but it’s true.  No matter what they told you, all men, at some point, find themselves in a strip club.  Whether it’s for Joey’s bachelor party, or just to grab a cold beer on the way home from work, there are no exceptions.  Doctors, professors, construction workers, you name it.  So before you judge her, just think about the fact that your boyfriend/husband/fiance/ex have all paid for a lap-dance, or stuck a dollar in her thong, at one point in time, and they liked it too.  That should help to put things back in perspective.

7. Someone’s gotta do it.  There is no shortage of ‘unpleasant’ jobs out there, from waste-removal to Naomi Campbell’s housekeeper.  But in order to keep our global economy turning, someone’s gotta get their hands dirty.  We’ve known for thousands of years that sex sells, so as long as there’s men on this planet, there will be females in clear 5-inch heels ready to take their money, and ‘take one for the team’ so-to-speak.  So get off your high horse, and if anything, you should be thanking her.

8. She might knock you out.  Good money and flexible hours aside, she does deal with a lot of stress at work… drunk and disrespectful douche bag customers, unwanted grabbing and molesting, jealous and catty co-workers, sore and blistered feet, the list goes on.  So don’t piss her off.  Even if she is the ‘paying-for-med-school’ type, make no mistake, this line of work has left her a little rough around the edges, and she has zero tolerance for bullshit.  Furthermore…

9. She doesn’t give a f— what you think.  We’ve already established that she’s confident and secure and that she has her reasons, so you’re privileged attitude really isn’t gonna faze her.  If she can handle the dark and seedy world of adult entertainment, then you’re just a basic blip on her radar.  Plus…

10. She’s empowered.  Add up reasons 1 through 9 and you’ve got a seriously strong woman who is equipped for anything!

Betty Pie


  1. anyone that’s is that money hungry I wouldn’t see them as a person, money dosent mean anything if it can’t make things better. Saying somone has todo it’s prettying saying “somone has to fuck our child for we can have strippers” most strippers were touched as child and that’s not okay yea we grown up and turn into these fucked up adults lol who Continue to touch people as long as they have money and as an adult I have bills so you continue to disrespect my body… that person didn’t grow or become anything amazing. Lol don’t you want a better world

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