Can’t get enough Booze? 

Craving alcohol?  Dr. Laurie Brodsky, ND suggests Trying 1/2 cup of sulfate-free dried apricots; they’re packed with potassium & provide 22% of your recommended daily intake!  For more fun and Naturopathically Savvy tips, follow Dr. Laurie on twitter @DrLaurieND

Guilty Pleasures: Dark Chocolate #HealthyPie

Here’s my guilty pleasure— now what’s yours?!  The dark chocolate from Trader Joe’s is 85% cacao (so only 15% of the other stuff) with less guilt.  Try to find a bar without soy or soy lecithin. Frequent chocolate consumption is associated… Continue Reading

Our favorite dessert can lower your blood sugar!!!

If you haven’t checked out the lovely Dr. Laurie ND’s blog ‘Naturopathically Savvy’, her latest entry reveals some great news about our favorite dessert… PIE, of course!  According to Dr. Laurie, Apple Pie can actually help to reduce your blood… Continue Reading