Cooking with Kimberly: Mushroom, Green Pepper, Ham and Cheese Omelets

Here’s a yummy Sunday morning recipe from Cooking With Kimberly… Try making a Mushroom, Green Pepper, Ham and Cheese Omelet for your sweetheart this Morning!  Check out the full recipe here!

Cooking With Kimberly: Sweet Jalapeno Mozzarella Cornbread Muffins

Well, we can count on Kimberly to have the perfect recipe to sweeten a rainy Sunday afternoon!  These delicious Sweet Jalapeno Mozzarella Cornbread muffins will arouse your senses and warm your soul.  Find the complete recipe and more of Kimberly’s… Continue Reading

Cooking With Kimberly: Giving thanks… The American Way!

Well, in honour of our friends south of the border, we thought it was only right to post a couple more of Kimberly’s delicious concoctions in time for American Thanksgiving.  If you haven’t set your menu for tomorrow night’s feast,… Continue Reading

Cooking with Kimberly: Creamy Whipped Mashed Potatoes

For many of us, Sundays are comfort-food days at home with the fam… so what better side-dish to serve up than creamy, whipped, mashed potatoes. Watch and learn as Kimberly shows us how to make this classic favorite from scratch.… Continue Reading

Cooking with Kimberly: Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey

In the thanksgiving spirit, we have a mouth-watering recipe from our favorite web-chef, Kimberly Edwards.  Watch and learn as she teaches us how to prepare a roasted Thanksgiving turkey.  Find the full recipe and more of Kimberly’s delicious thanksgiving ideas Here!