5 Sizzling Styles for the Spring/Summer Season!

Last week, I posted about how to style your nails to complete your outfit. The reviews were positive, so I thought that we should share some of those upcoming clothing trends with you! Keep in mind, all of these items can be found at a discounted rate on ebay, to save you from those high-end designer prices! You can thank us later.

Transparent Maxi Skirt – High Wasted

You’ve seen them on the catwalks, and it’s time to add one to your personal collection! Whether you’re hanging out at home or hitting the streets, this comfortable laid back look is essential this season! Stick to warmer, more subtle colours when making a selection. (approx. $35 Canadian)

The Union Jack Sweater

I really want one of these! If finding my size wasn’t a problem you would definitely catch me wearing this around town or even to the bars. They are extremely popular in Britain and often paired with dark leggings or denim shorts. (approx. $30 Canadian)

Crocheted Shirt – Nude/Darker Colours 

Say goodbye to the tacky lace shirts because the crocheted look is back! Forever 21 is the perfect place to get in on this trend. Vintage is back, and fashion is absolutely loving it! (retail $25, online $35).

Denim Jackets 

The 90’s are calling! Denim jackets are prefect to add to your look no matter what the occasion. Seen worn by artists like Lady Gaga, you know that this item is going to be around for a while. (approx. $20-$300 depending).


This trend seems to come and go. In light of the spring and summer season, I would suggest lighter colours to be the must have. Too much takes away from the overall look, so do keep that in mind!

There you have it! Our picks for spring and summer! Any trends we didn’t pick up on? Let us know!



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